Smart Securities®, Intelligent Markets

Symbiont is bridging the gap between the emerging blockchain ecosystem and Wall Street, with the first issuance and trading platform for Smart Securities®

What is a Symbiont Smart Security®?

Symbiont’s proprietary Smart Security® technology allows complex financial instruments to be modeled in an easy to understand programming language and fully digitized onto a distributed ledger.

Error-prone, manual processes dominate many markets today

Symbiont Smart Security® technology digitizes and automates these processes

With Symbiont Smart Securities® You Can:

Share Data

Share and distribute ledger statuses and updates among a closed or open group of participants, securely and instantly.

Save Costs

Automate the complex, manual, back and middle office processes that largely account for the high costs associated with financial transactions.

Eliminate Tampering

Enable the full instrument life cycle to be fully digitized and cryptographically verifiable.

Reduce Risk

Support electronic issuance, allocation, trading and corporate actions without having to trust and depend on a single partner or technology vendor.

Increase Transparency

All instrument states and history are viewable in real time by authorized participants. Gain immediate feedback for rapid planning and operational assurance.

Grow and Adapt

Symbiont Smart Security® technology is separate from the underlying network, and can run on virtually any blockchain or distributed ledger system.